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Vulcabond™ – Bonding Agents

Vulcabond™ – Bonding Agents Overview

High strength bonding of PVC to many substrates, now available in non-phthalate formulations

Vulcabond™ liquid bonding agents are used in PVC plastisols when coating onto polyester and nylon fibers to make PVC coated fabrics for the construction and transportation industries. Cotton fibers, which have a rough open surface, make it easy for plastisol to penetrate and give a good mechanical adhesion. In contrast, polyester and nylon fibers are made up of bundles of smooth filaments, often in a close weave construction, which make mechanical adhesion without the use of a bonding agent ineffective – this is where Vulcabond™ products excel.

For optimal performance, the Vulcabond™ products are added at the final stage of plastisol mixing. These products are manufactured in both non-phthalate and phthalate plasticizers according to individual requirements. The Valtris product range contains some of the most reliable and reputable products in the industry evolving from several decades of development and production experience.

  • Bonding agents are commonly combined with Biocides and Mixed Metal Stabilizers in PVC Coated Fabrics for high performance and weather resistance
  • Used in PVC plastisols when coating onto polyester and nylon fibers to make PVC coated fabrics for the construction and transportation industries
  • Products can be carried in both phthalate and non-phthalate plasticizers according to individual requirements
  • High bond strength and good compatibility make Valtris a market leader in these products

Specifications & Attributes

  • Adhesion Promotor
  • High Bond Strength
  • Excellent Compatibility
  • Available in a Range of Carriers
  • Phthalate & Non-Phthalate Grades Available
  • Field Tested

Processing Technologies

  • Plastisol
  • Calandering

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