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Valtris Specialty Chemicals Announces Full Compliance and Continues to Closely Monitor Russian-Related Sanctions
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Benzyl Chloride & Derivatives - Chemical Intermediates

Key chemical intermediates used in the production of disinfectants, oilfield chemicals, flavor & fragrance chemicals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, industrial applications and solvents.

Benzyl Chloride & Derivatives Overview

Chemical Intermediates Through Organic Synthesis

Valtris is the leading supplier of benzyl chloride and benzyl derivatives globally.

Valtris provides chemical companies with a vital intermediate in organic synthesis reactions. Benzyl chloride is used in the production of plasticizers, sanitizing agents, oil field chemicals. Its highly reactive nature allows the addition of benzyl functionality to a wide range of molecules.

This is used in the production of plasticizers, sanitizing agents, oil extraction materials, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, biocides, dyes & pigments, heat exchanging fluids, flavors & fragrances, benzyl alcohol and specialty chemicals.

Benzyl alcohol is used in epoxy hardeners, in pharmaceutical applications and agrochemicals and as a precursor of aspartame.

Benzotrichloride is used in the production of benzoyl chloride and serves as a precursor for benzophenone and other UV-stabilizers, agrochemicals and pharmaceutical applications.

The most important application of benzoyl chloride is the production of benzoyl peroxide, which is used as an initiator in the polymer industry. It is also used as a precursor for benzophenone, in the pharmaceutical industry and as a precursor of agro-chemicals.

Orthochlorobenzylchloride is used as a building block in several agro-chemical formulations.

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