Santicizer® Platinum Series

Santicizer® Platinum products offer non-phthalate options without sacrificing the strong performance characteristics of premium phthalate products. These highly efficient plasticizers offer excellent compatibility in many polymer systems, high plasticizer efficiency and fast-fusing capability all in a non-phthalate product.

Platinum products are high solvating, and especially capable in PVC plastisol applications. Additionally these products offer good chemical resistances and permanence to limit exudation and migration concerns.

Santicizer® Platinum 300 Series

These blended non-phthalate product balances performance and economics by utilizing the premium performance properties of the Platinum products and the cost benefits of general purpose non-phthalate plasticizers.

Due to the strong compatibility of the components, these materials can be blended to meet the specific requirements of many applications. Customers can choose from off the shelf options or customize to meet their specific needs.


Product Information

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