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Metallic Stearates & Stearic Acid Pricing Announcement
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H.I.G. Capital Enters Into Agreement to Sell Valtris Specialty Chemicals
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Plasticizers Pricing Announcement

Santicizer® Benzyl Esters

Compatible Industrial Additives

Santicizer® Benzyl Esters Overview

90 Years Experience in High-Performance Benzyl Esters

Valtris Specialty Chemicals has 90 years of experience in the production and application development of Santicizer® Benzyl Esters. Our full range of products are used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications to improve processing and enhance the performance of the end products. Benzyl Esters have superior compatibility with many different polymer systems: Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyurethane, Silane Modified Polymers, Polysulfides, Acrylics, Polyvinyl Butyrate and Polyvinyl Acetate. This makes them very effective by allowing lower temperature processing and ease of handling while imparting better durability, permanence, printability, coating capability and sound dampening.

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