Reach Registration of Santicizer® Platinum P-1700

Valtris has successfully completed the REACH registration of its latest addition to the Santicizer® plasticizer portfolio, Santicizer® Platinum P-1700, which is an unique low volatile, non-phthalate fast fusing plasticizer Santicizer® Platinum P-1700 is a proprietary, non-phthalate plasticizer designed for use in multiple polymer systems and applications. This material can be used in polymers systems including PVC, latex, polyurethane, and polysulfide to name a few.

Santicizer® Platinum P-1700’s primary benefits include fast fusion characteristics, excellent compatibility and very low volatility, which is an unique combination for a non-phthalate plasticizer.

Santicizer® Platinum P-1700 shows characteristics of excellent permanence, resistance to exudation and extraction.  It may be used in low volatile automotive plastisols for synthetic leather and underbody coatings, sound dampening applications and coated textiles. In addition Santicizer® Platinum P-1700 is suitable for use in printed inks, coatings, sealants and adhesives. Additionally P-1700 shows benefits in processes such as calendering and extrusion thanks to its low processing volatility.

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