Micro-Chek® 11

Liquid 4% OIT biocide in ESO


Micro-Chek® 11 is an EPA registered , low toxicity industrial mildewcide formulated for the protection of PVC, polyurethane and other polymer compositions susceptible toattack by microorganisms. Micro-Chek® 11 contains 4% of the active ingredient 2-noctyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one (OIT) in an epoxidized soybean oil carrier, and is heavy metalfree. Micro-Chek® 11 is particularly recommended for use in products such as tenting, tarpaulins, coated fabrics, architectural signage, floor tiles and other coverings that may be exposed to stressful environments Micro-Chek® 11 should be added to the product with the plasticizer used in the formulation to which it is incorporated. Direct addition to stabilizers, fillers and pigments should be avoided. Micro-Chek® 11 may also be blended with finished plastisol by mixing well. Optimum use levels depend on the product formulation and the intended end-use environment to which it will be exposed. Typical use levels range from 1.0-4.0%.