Lankromark™ LE648 (TIDP Phenol Free)

Phenol free phosphite


Phenol free phosphites from Valtris now includes Lankromark™ LE648, a tris-alkylphosphite made with our innovative phenol free technology. In 2013 Valtris invested in the first phenol-free phosphites plant in the world, manufacturing the products with zero phenol content. Many suppliers offer low and ultra-low phenol products on the market at phenol contents of < 1%, but the Valtris process is unique in being technically incapable of containing phenol and being manufactured on a separate plant from phenol-containing materials. This gives our customers a reassurance in the quality of our products that is unmatched by our rivals.Lankromark™ LE648s a phenol free tris-alkylphosphite. LE648 is a highly efficient chelating agent and when used in combination with metal soap stabilizers in PVC where it makes a major contribution to the processing and light stabilization. In addition LE648 is a useful secondary stabilizer in polyurethanes, ABS, polyethylene terephthalate, polycarbonate, coatings and lubricants. It is a technical product and suitable for use in other polymers such as polyolefins where food contact approval is not required.