Akcrostab™ T-7015

An economical methyl tin mercaptide organotin stabilizer giving excellent weathering properties.


Akcrostab T-7015 (15% tin) is a new generation of sulfur-containing methyltin stabilizer with lower tin content than the industry standards, Akcrostab T-7020 & T-7021 (FDA) while still retaining high performance, processability and excellent stabilization. This new technology allows T-7015 to be a more cost – effective option to other methyltin stabilizers on the market. It is engineered for a wide variety of applications (Extrusion, Calendering, Foam profiles) using PVC in both clear and pigmented applications. T-7015 retains the performance characteristics of excellent color hold, processing and weatherability. Akcrostab T-7015 is FDA approved for rigid PVC food contact applications as described in 21 CFR 178.2010 and for pipe and fitting applications as covered in 21 CFR 178.2650. Recommended loading for T-7015 is 1.2 to 1.7 phr. Complies with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration requirements for safe use as a stabilizer for rigids in contact with all food types (I to IX) as described in 21 CFR 178.2010 with the exception of liquid milk, malt beverages and carbonated non-alcoholic beverages. (See CFR 178.2650 and 178.2010 for details and other limitations.) Maximum use level for T-7015 is 2.0 phr for 178.2010 FDA applications, with a maximum fill temperature allowable of 150oF. (Also see 21 CFR 176.170 for complete limitations and restrictions.) Akcrostab T-7015 can be used at up to a 3% loading for pipe and fitting applications (details in 178.2650.)