Akcrostab™ T-5315

A butyl tin stabilizer with high performance processability, a range of applications, and good stabilization. Akcrostab T-5315 is a more cost effective option to competitive weatherable tin stabilizers.


Akcrostab T-5315 is a new generation (15% Butyl Tin) PVC stabilizer. It is more cost – effective than older high efficiency stabilizers, while retaining their performance characteristics of excellent color hold, processing and weatherability. Akcrostab T-5315 has shown good weathering characteristics in weatherable formulations, making it suitable for use in PVC siding, topcoat, and window profiles applications. It exhibits good early- to mid- color hold and retains the same extrusion behavior as older high efficiency stabilizers including moderate external lubricity. It can be used to replace methyltin stabilizers after adjusting for differences in lubricity. It is also suitable for foam applications because of the reduced tin level. Its suggested use level is 0.90 to 1.1 phr. This makes it more easily metered and dispersed in the PVC compound than more concentrated stabilizers.