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Valtris Champlor and Altens Combine Expertise to Accelerate the Decarbonization of Transport
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Valtris Champlor and Altens Combine Expertise to Accelerate the Decarbonization of Transport

Valtris Specialty Chemicals, a global leader in specialty chemical additives and precursors, announces its Champlor subsidiary in France and Altens, an expert in low-carbon solutions, have signed a commercial agreement for the distribution of B100 (an alternative fuel of plant origin) produced locally in Verdun, France. This new collaboration marks the desire of the two players to decarbonize the world of transport.

With their complementary expertise, Valtris Champlor and Altens initiated this partnership in order to pursue their commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while participating in the transition of transport companies to renewable energies.

As part of a commercial agreement allowing for better distribution, Valtris Champlor, a recognized French rapeseed processor, will supply Altens, a major distributor of low-carbon solutions, with B100 produced in France. This alternative fuel of plant origin, derived from the processing of rapeseed oil, reduces greenhouse gases by up to 60% compared to diesel.

A B100 100% from French Agriculture

“This collaboration with Valtris Champlor is perfectly in line with our desire to promote low-carbon solutions that make it possible to move away from fossil fuels. Thanks to this strategic agreement, we are strengthening our position in biofuels by offering a locally produced B100 in Verdun. This is an origin criterion that has always been essential for Altens; that’s why we have always opted for French rapeseed,” explains Étienne Valtel, CEO of Altens.

Champlor has a production plant located in Verdun, Eastern France and offers the energy market products from the processing of locally and sustainably grown rapeseed. Valtris Champlor’s production thus naturally benefits from local resources to guarantee perfect traceability.

A Storage Site Dedicated to Valtris Champlor B100

Altens also wants to go further in the traceability of the biofuel produced by Valtris Champlor. The company will therefore dedicate a specific storage site to guarantee and ensure complete monitoring of this B100, from production in the Valtris Champlor factory to the customers’ tanks.

In addition, as part of this partnership, the B100 supplied by Valtris Champlor has a Renault Trucks homologation which has certified it “grade 4”, on a scale from the manufacturer ranging from 1 to 5. This is a decisive concept for the brand’s customer transporters when buying a new vehicle.

Christophe Sussat, Vice President of Valtris Global Champlor Renewables, added, “We are delighted with this partnership with Altens because, beyond distribution, Altens has real know-how in terms of valuing carbon savings. We also share the same vision in terms of environmental ambitions, so we are delighted to support Altens in their development.”

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Valtris Champlor’s B100, please contact your Valtris sales representative or visit and click on “Contact” to reach our customer service specialists.



About Valtris Champlor


Founded in 2007, Valtris Champlor has been a member of the Valtris Specialty Chemicals Group since 2018. From its production unit located in Verdun, Champlor offers the agri-food, livestock, energy and industrial markets products from the processing of locally and sustainably grown rapeseed. Through our products and services, we contribute to improving the quality, food safety, traceability, sustainability and environmental performance of the markets we serve.



About Valtris Specialty Chemicals


Valtris, headquartered in Independence, Ohio is a global leader in specialty performance additives and precursors, offering innovative solutions and products to customers around the world. With strong technical expertise and best in class formulation capabilities, Valtris develops products that provide essential performance properties to plastics, coatings, adhesives and sealants, pharmaceuticals, flavors and fragrances, and personal care products. The Company operates nine manufacturing locations and employees approximately 700 people across North America, Europe, and Asia.



About Altens


Altens, an independent distributor specializing in low-carbon energies, offers a complete and unprecedented range of alternative, non-fossil fuels and electric charging infrastructure in France to support transport companies and their customers in the decarbonization of their activities.

Altens guarantees the traceability of its products, from the production or collection of the raw material to the availability at its customers’ sites. In addition to strategically located storage sites, Altens includes a transport activity in order to secure and make its deliveries more reliable. Altens also provides its customers with better management of traceability, sustainability and their carbon footprint, via its MyAltens platform.  Altens not only provides low-carbon fuels, it also offers the most suitable decarbonization solutions for each company, and provides them with visibility on the regulatory evolution of the market. Altens’ mission is to inform and advise professional economic agents on alternative fuels according to their uses. The company also participates in the structuring of the market by sharing its expertise and experience with decision-makers, particularly on developments in new energies and technologies.