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Metallic Stearates & Stearic Acid Pricing Announcement

May 13, 2022

Valtris Metallic Stearate and Stearic Acid Price Announcement

Due to the continued escalation of raw material and energy costs, Valtris Specialty Chemicals must implement a price increase on all Synpro® Metallic Stearates and Petrac® Stearic Acid effective for all orders shipping on or after June 1, 2022, or as contracts allow. Please note, this also applies to orders placed prior to the effective date.

Ongoing strong demand and new, growing demand from the Renewable Diesel market for natural fats and oils continue to impact costs. Additionally, Li and Zi metals have increased significantly requiring further price adjustments for those products.

Prices will increase as follows:
Synpro® Metallic Stearates and Petrac® Stearic acid:
– Li Stearates: $7.00/lb
– Zn Stearates: $0.15/lb
– All other metallic stearates: $0.10/lb
Synpro® Aqueous Stearates on a pro-rated basis:
– 50% dispersions: $0.04/lb
– 30% dispersions and 20% dispersions: $0.03/lb
Petrac® Stearic Acid: $0.10/lb


About Valtris Specialty Chemicals

Valtris Specialty Chemicals,  headquartered in Independence, OH, is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals, primarily used as additives in the production and processing of plastics, and chemical precursors used in coatings, flavor and fragrance, personal care and pharmaceutical applications. By operating nine facilities globally, Valtris offers an unmatched range of complimentary products for the specific needs of the diverse customer base.

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