Valtris Specialty Chemicals has developed Therm-Chek® RC896L REACH compliant high efficiency barium/zinc heat stabilizer for use in PVC formulations.  Formulators can easily develop REACH compliant PVC compounds and end use products with this new technology.  This innovative product was designed to maintain the properties found in a high efficiency barium/zinc stabilizer and was formulated without Substances of Very High Concern (SVHCs).  Therm-Chek® RC896L also features low phenol levels, low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and does not contain BPA or BHT.  This product encompasses changes in the regulatory landscape and Valtris Specialty Chemicals commitment to developing new products with chemicals that do not have implicit risks to the environment or humans.

Therm-Chek® RC896L can be used in flexible, semi-rigid, clear and opaque PVC formulations.  The balance of heat stability and lubrication allow it to be used on calendaring or extrusion processing equipment.  This product can also be used in applications requiring printability.