Whether it’s a general purpose jacket or a technically difficult insulation layer, Valtris offers additives that help our customers meet performance goals, UL and other regulatory approvals.

We offer a wide range of Therm-Chek®, Akcrostab, Lankromark™ and Interstab™ mixed metal heat stabilizers used in jacketing, plenum, riser and insulation formulations. Our technical team can provide recommendations for your specific applications.

Santicizer® phosphate ester plasticizers offer fire retardant properties and smoke suppression and do not sacrifice plasticizing efficiency or fast fusing properties.

Plas-Chek® epoxidized soybean oil and Lankroflex® epoxidized linseed oil are used in conjunction with our mixed metal stabilizer products as a co-stabilizer and co-plasticizer.

Synpro® metallic stearates and Petrac waxes & fatty acids provide a balance of internal and external lubrication to ease heat history during the extrusion process.

CEREPLAS™ Specialty plasticizers includes adipates, trimellitates and sebacates.  CEREPLAS™ DOS is used as underground cable sheathing in arctic environments.