Valtris offers numerous solutions for customers who process tablets, capsules or liquid preparations that require lubrication or specific viscosity characteristics. 

Our excipients are manufactured strict controls.  The excipients are CNF/USP compliant and meet excipient compliancy standards in Europe, Japan and India. Additionally, we offer vegetable and tallow based products.

Therm-Chek®, Akcrostab, Lankromark™ and Interstab™ mixed metal heat stabilizers use CFR listed raw materials for a variety of indirect food contact applications.  Kosher products are available.

Plas-Chek® epoxidized soybean oil and Lankroflex® epoxidized linseed oil are CFR listed and Kosher.

Synpro® metallic stearates are 21 CFR listed.  Kosher products are available.

CEREPLAS™ Specialty plasticizers are used extensively, particularly CEREPLAS™ DOA and 100XS for food packaging, and CEREPLAS™ OTM for medical applications.

Benzyl Chloride is used in the production of plasticizers, sanitizing agents, oil extraction materials, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, biocides, dyes & pigments, heat exchanging fluids, flavors & fragrances, Benzyl Alcohol and specialty chemicals.

Benzyl alcohol has a wide range of applications, including paints and coatings, flavor and fragrance, personal care and pharmaceuticals. It is broadly used as solvent due to its low toxicity and volatility.

Dibenzyl ether or dibenzyl oxide is used ao as precursor in flavor and fragrance industry.

Benzotrichloride is used in the production of benzoyl chloride, and serves as precursor for benzophenon and other UV-stabilizers, agrochemicals and pharmaceutical applications.

Benzaldehyde is broadly used in the flavor and fragrance industry, with its typical aromatic almond odor. It is further also used as building block in pharmaceutical applications, insecticides and dyestuffs.

The most important application of benzoyl chloride is the production of benzoyl peroxide, that is used as initiator in the polymer industry. It is also used as precursor for benzophenon, in the pharmaceutical industry and as precursor of agro-chemicals.