Our solid and liquid Therm-Chek®, Akcrostab, Lankromark™ and Interstab™ mixed metal heat stabilizers are available for use in indirect food contact applications. We offer Kosher approved solid stabilizers.  Plas-Chek® epoxidized soybean oil is approved for use in indirect food contact applications, Kosher approved, and used in conjunction with our mixed metal stabilizers product as a co-stabilizer.

Tinstab and Akcrostab™ Tin Stabilizers are the preferred technology in low odor packaging and consumer goods.

Santicizer® specialty plasticizers offer fast fusing and flame retardant properties to industrial packaging PVC formulations. Our Santicizer® Platinum series offer the same benefits as our Santicizer® benzyl phthalate products in a non-phthalate chemistry.

Santicizer® phosphate ester plasticizers offer fire retardant properties and smoke suppression  without sacrificing plasticizing efficiency or fast fusing properties.

Synpro® metallic stearates and Petrac waxes & fatty acids offer internal and external lubrication to assist with melt processing. Many of our metallic stearates are 21 CFR listed.  In addition, our Synpro® calcium stearate and Petrac waxes are NSF 61 listed .

CEREPLAS™ Specialty plasticizers includes adipates, trimellitates, sebacates, terephthalates that bring the required performance in a wide range of applications. For instance CEREPLAS™ 100XS is used in toys.