Our additives will assist in the processing and end use properties of custom compounds.  Our technical team can provide recommendations for your specific applications.

Therm-Chek®, Akcrostab, Lankromark™ and Interstab™ mixed metal heat stabilizers are widely used in extrusion and calendaring operations in clear, opaque, flexible and semi-rigid formulations.

Plas-Chek® epoxidized soybean oil and Lankroflex® epoxidized linseed oil is used in conjunction with our mixed metal stabilizer products as a co-stabilizer and co-plasticizer.

Micro-Chek® and Intercide® heavy metal-free antimicrobial agents will protect a wide range of formulations from undesirable growth of mold, fungi and mildew.

Tinstab™ and Akrostab™ Tin Stabilizers are used in rigid and semi-rigid formulations.  Also widely used for clear applications.

Santicizer® specialty plasticizers help improve dry blending times and will aide in processing speeds. Our Santicizer® Platinum series offer the same benefits as our Santicizer® benzyl phthalate products in a non-phthalate option.

Santicizer® phosphate ester plasticizers offer fire retardancy and smoke suppression and do not sacrifice plasticizing efficiency or fast fusing properties.

Synpro® metallic stearates and Petrac waxes & fatty acids offer internal and external lubrication during the extrusion and calendering process.

CEREPLAS™ Specialty plasticizers includes the use of CEREPLAS™ DOA and/or CEREPLAS™ 100XS for film for food packaging.