Synpro® metallic stearates and Petrac waxes & fatty acids provide a balance of internal and external lubrication in flexible and rigid PVC formulations.

Tinstab™ and Akcrostab™ Tin Stabilizers are the preferred technology in pipe and weatherable applications such as window profile, fencing and siding.

Our Therm-Chek®, Akcrostab, Lankromark and Interstab mixed metal heat stabilizers are used in flexible and semi-rigid formulations that require excellent heat stability, bright initial color, low VOC, low phenol or SVHC free properties.

Plas-Chek® epoxidized soybean oil and Lankroflex® epoxidized linseed oil are used in conjunction with our mixed metal heat stabilizer products as a co-stabilizer and co-plasticizer.

Santicizer® phosphate ester plasticizers offer fire retardancy and smoke suppression and do not sacrifice plasticizing efficiency or fast fusing properties.

Santicizer® specialty plasticizers improve dry blending times, aide in processing speeds, improve compatibility with slower fusing general purpose plasticizers and improve abrasion resistance. Our Santicizer® Platinum series offers the same benefits as our Santicizer® benzyl phthalate products in a non-phthalate option.

Micro-Chek® and Intercide® heavy metal-free antimicrobial agents protects end-use products from undesirable growth of mold, fungi and mildew and discoloration.

Vulcabond products are used in PVC plastisol to achieve high bond strengths between the polymer and a wide variety of fabrics, creating high strength coated fabrics for internal and external applications.

UV-Chek® light stabilizers offer PVC and polyolefin products protection from the destructive and discoloring effects of sunlight.

CEREPLAS™ Specialty plasticizers are used extensively, particularly CEREPLAS™ trimellitates for applications such as electrical devices providing higher temperature performances and CEREPLAS™ adipates for applications like wallpaper or upholstery.