Functional Fluids

Valtris offers a range of synthetic esters that can enhance the performance of functional fluids (e.g. in hydraulics), enabling formulators to reach challenging specification requirements.

Building & Construction

Valtris supplies additives to a broad range of building and construction applications. Our additives are used in flexible and rigid applications such as flooring and siding.

Chemical Intermediates

Valtris is the leading supplier of benzyl chloride and benzyl derivatives globally

Coated Fabrics

Coated fabrics are used in a wide variety of exterior and interior end use applications. Valtris offers a wide range same range of additives to give formulators the ability to impart unique end use and processing properties to their products.

Film & Sheet

Valtris offers a comprehensive array of additives to address the needs of film & sheet manufacturers.


Valtris has served the flooring industry for decades and has provided material solutions to the evolving needs of multi-layer designs.

Packaging and Consumer Goods

Valtris products have indirect food contact and FDA approvals for use in consumer and industrial plastics packaging solutions. Some select products comply with the strict policy of kosher requirements, enabling our customers to manufacture kosher packaging products.

Paint & Coatings

Valtris has supplied additives to the paint and coatings industry for over 75 years. This experience has allowed Valtris to create products for our customers that are durable and offer ease of processing.

Medical/Pharmaceutical/Food Contact

Valtris offers a wide variety of metallic stearates and other functional additives for pharmaceutical and food contact applications.


Valtris provides the plastisol industry with additives that enhance processability and impart desirable end use properties.

Sealants & Adhesives

We offer a variety of products that cater to the specific needs of the sealants and adhesives industry. These products provide benefits including improved green strength, reduced migration and greater flexibility in applications where performance is paramount.


Valtris offers a comprehensive array of additives to improve the processing and end-use performance of marine, aerospace and automotive interior and exterior components.

Wire & Cable

Valtris offers a wide variety of additives to improve the processing and end-use performance of wire and cable products.