zinc-pyrithioneIntercide™ Zinc Pyrithione Paste

New Brunswick, NJ, November 9, 2015: Akcros Chemicals, Inc. VP of Marketing & Sales Support, Peggy Schipper today announced formulation and registration of a new easy to handle form of zinc pyrithione powder that works efficiently as an antimicrobial agent for flexible and plastisol PVC compounds.

Intercide™ ZnP 5 DIDP is an easy to handle 5% zinc pyrithione in DIDP paste which has several benefits over Intercide™ ZnP Powder from an ease of use and housekeeping/safety perspective. Below are some of the points that differentiate Intercide™ ZnP 5 DIDP from zinc pyrithione powder:

  • Intercide™ ZnP-5 DIDP in its paste form eliminates any dust hazard associated with zinc pyrithione in powder form. It can easily and uniformly be dispersed in flexible and plastisol compounds.
  • Intercide™ ZnP-5 DIDP is recommended for use in flexible and plastisol PVC applications at 1% to 4% by weight of the total PVC formulation to provide protection against attack from a wide spectrum of fungi and bacteria. The higher dosing amount of the paste can lead to easier and more accurate weighing and dispersion.
  • Intercide™ ZnP 5 DIDP creates less waste and better housekeeping during handling of the product, as compared to zinc pyrithione powder.


“There are adjustments that need to be made to the PVC stabilizer package when changing from an arsenic based anti-microbial such as OBPA to Intercide™ ZnP 5 DIDP”, stated Akcros Technical Director, Gary Sadowski. “It is recommended that each formulation be checked by a qualified laboratory to determine the optimum level required for protection and the Technical Service group at Akcros is focused on assisting customers with this testing.”