Verdanol™ bio-based UV-cure coatings are used in a range of UV-cure applications such as PVC flooring topcoat, wood, metal, fabric and flooring coatings.  The range of products available has been developed to give a range of gloss, scratch and cure properties to suit these different industrial uses.  The key properties in comparison to traditional products include low VOC, low odor, 100% solids, low viscosity, low shrinkage, high gloss and good scratch resistance.

In contrast to other products on the market, Verdanol™ products are made from a high % of bio-based materials custom-manufactured by Valtris in-house especially for this range.  With a first class R&D facility in the UK with state of the art testing equipment we are able to work with customers to optimize the performance for their application.

·       Used as a topcoat for a multitude of UV-cure applications, the products can be cured using customers’ conventional UV curing equipment

·       Up to 80% bio-based ingredients depending on formulation

·       Low VOC, 100% solids, high cure speeds