Metallic stearates are lubricants used in multiple plastic and rubber applications. They act as lubricants and acid scavengers during the manufacturing process.  These products vary in metal, physical form and fatty acid source. Aqueous stearate dispersions are also available.

Valtris offers a wide variety of products including calcium, zinc, aluminum, barium, lithium, magnesium and stannous that cater directly to the pharmaceutical market, used specifically as excipients. Synpro® pharmaceutical grade products are also NF/USP compliant and meet excipient standard in Europe, Japan and India. Synpro® metallic stearates also carry multiple FDA clearances for indirect food contact.

  • Multiple available physical forms including prill, pastille, flake, granular, and powder
  • Vegetable and animal based sourced products available
  • Aqueous dispersions of various stearate loadings
  • Pharmaceutical grade products that carry the NF/USP monograph
  • Multiple FDA clearances under 21 CFR
  • NSF listed calcium stearate products