Santicizer® Platinum G-2000

In today’s culture, being eco-friendly is something that is highly prized and respected. Many organizations are looking for ways to be as cooperative as possible in terms of minimizing negative impact on the environment.  Valtris Specialty Chemicals is one of the companies that wants to minimize these negative impacts.  In doing so, we have developed a Bio-based Plasticizer called, Santicizer® Platinum G-2000.  Santicizer® Platinum G-2000 is an efficient bio-based primary plasticizer that offers excellent heat stability, enhanced process ability, and lower volatility than your traditional General-Purpose Plasticizers.  It can be used in techniques such as extrusion, calendaring, injection molding, rotational molding, and spread coating.  It can be used in rubbers, epoxy resins, paints and coatings, as well as many other polymers.

Product Information

Santicizer Platinum G-2000 as a General Purpose Plasticizer Replacement

Valtris Santicizer® Platinum G-2000 Marketing Document