Santicizer® Phosphate Esters are flame retardant plasticizers.  Incorporation of these materials into a polymer will render the polymer flame retardant and/or fire resistant.  They can also be used as smoke suppressors.

Santicizer® Phosphate Esters also impart a range of properties that make them efficient plasticizers for a variety of resins for uses in diverse applications.  They show good permanence in critical applications, such as in high heat, humidity, and chemical applications.  They have excellent low volatility and can be used for low temperature flexible applications.  Some products can be used specifically for low smoke applications instead of fire resistance.  The phosphate family of plasticizers are highly compatible plasticizers for multiple polymer systems.  A formulator can develop flame retardant compositions with the resin of choice that can be compounded to a variety of end product applications.


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Fire Mechanisms and Phosphate Esters