CEREPLAS™ specialty esters enhance the performance of functional fluids (e.g. in hydraulics), enabling formulators to move away from mineral oils.  These synthetic esters are sold under the CEREPLAS™ trademark.

Within the adipates range, CEREPLAS™ DTDA is mainly used in biodegradable hydraulic oils, due to the relatively high viscosity for a diester, good oxidation and thermal stability, low pour point and high flash point. CEREPLAS™ DIDA is used in glass lubricants, greases and as a seal swell in PAO based oil.  CEREPLAS™ DOA is used primarily in automotive engine and gear oils.

The trimellitates range (CEREPLAS™ OTM / L8TM / L810TM / IDTM / B68TM / B100TM) typically finds use in high temperature applications such as compressor oils and chain oils due to their low volatility, viscosity or diluent performance.

The sebacate esters are used in synthetic engine oils for automotive or jet engines due to their high thermal and oxidation stability.

Product Information

Valtris CEREPLAS Base Esters Typical Physical Properties Summary Table Jan2021