Santicizer® Platinum G-2000

Non-Phthalate biobased plasticizer

Santicizer® Phosphate Esters

Specialty Plasticizers are fire retardant plasticizers

CEREPLAS™ Specialty Esters

Specialty esters (Group V) for replacement of mineral oils


Chemical Intermediate

Dibenzyl Ether

Chemical Intermediate

Benzyl Alcohol

Solvent and Chemical Intermediate

Benzoyl Chloride

Chemical Intermediate


Chemical Intermediate


Chemical Intermediate


Specialty non ortho-phthalate plasticizers

Santicizer® Platinum & Platinum 300 Series

Non-Phthalate High-Solvating Plasticizers

Santicizer® Fast Fusing Plasticizers

Versatile High Efficiency Plasticizers

Santicizer® Flame Retardant Plasticizers

Specialty Plasticizers Offering Fire Retardant and Smoke Suppressing Capabilities

Plas-Chek® ESO/Lankroflex™ ELO

Epoxidized Soybean Oil and Epoxidized Linseed Oil

Lankromark™ LE – Liquid Phosphites

Leading edge phenol free technologies used in stabilizers and as antioxidants

Micro-Chek® and Intercide™ Antimicrobials

Heavy-Metal Free Antimicrobials for Plastics

Synpro® Metallic Stearates & Stearate Dispersions

Extensive line of metal carboxylates

Tinstab and Akcrostab™ Tin Stabilizers

Full product range for transparent food/medical applications and building products

Petrac Waxes

Waxes and Fatty Acids for Plastic Lubrication Needs

Benzyl Chloride

Industrial Intermediate

Vulcabond™ – Bonding Agents

High strength bonding of PVC to many substrates, now available in non-phthalate formulations

UV-Chek® Light Stabilizers

Ultraviolet Light Stabilizers


Verdanol™ bio-based UV-cure coatings are used in a range of UV-cure applications such as PVC flooring topcoat, wood, metal, fabric and flooring coatings