Valtris (formerly Akcros) continues to push the frontiers of UV technology

Akcros continues to develop the novel bio-based UV technology acquired in 2014 from Verdex.  It has started to commercialise development products for the coatings market, with applications ranging from metal & wood coatings to UV top coats for flooring.  In addition there are some niche applications that we are working on with specific customers – contact us at for further details.

The Verdex technology cures in a similar manner and speed to traditional UV curable coatings but has the added advantage of being based around renewable materials, so meeting the growing needs for customers looking for non oil-based product solutions.  The performance of the products matches or exceeds many of the products on the market and Akcros sees this as a technology that can have a great place in the Akcros portfolio as it expands further into the coatings market.

Replication of customer UV conditions in the laboratory