Valtris Specialty Chemicals excels in the development of innovative materials that provide solutions across a variety of commercial, residential and industrial applications. We develop materials that improve performance and provide our customers with a valuable competitive advantage. Valtris offers a wide range of options that allow our customers to optimize finished product performance.

Our development team consists of industry experts based in the USA, Europe and India. Some of our accomplishments include:

  • Platinum family of high-solvating, non-phthalate plasticizers for specialty applications and premium performance
  • Fast scale up of new plasticizer chemistries using our world class pilot plants
  • Bio-based plasticizers derived from renewable resources
  • Novel heat stabilizers for applications under regulatory scrutiny
  • Leadership in phenol-free liquid stabilizers and phosphites for PVC and PU applications
  • Wide selection of non-arsenic based biocide technologies for a variety of applications
  • Proprietary phosphate ester plasticizers used in fire retardant / smoke suppressant applications
  • Development of unique metallic salts and lubricants for polymers
  • The widest range of plastisol bonding agents on the market
  • In Baleycourt, France there are pilot plant facilities for esterification which mirrors scale up to industrial operation. Complete with laboratory testing and evaluation