Company Timeline

July 31

Acquired INEOS ChloroToluenes and INEOS Baleycourt

The acquisition creates a global specialty chemicals business with a broad product portfolio, strong technical capabilities and world-class customer service.
April 19

Acquired Akcros Chemicals

Acquired Akcros, gaining manufacturing and increased market presence in Europe and India.
December 1

Akcros grows via acquisition

Akcros acquired the Mixed Metal Heat Stabilizer business of the Lamberti Group
December 1

Formation of Valtris Specialty Chemicals

In December 2014, Ferro Corporation sold its Polymer Additives Division to H.I.G. Capital. The new company was named Valtris Specialty Chemicals.
January 1

Platinum Plasticizers

Developed Platinum plasticizers to meet customer needs in a changing regulatory environment.
January 1


Expanded into new geographic markets and optimized sales infrastructure.
January 1

Improved ESO

Increased capacity and improved operating efficiency and production quality for ESO.
January 1

PAD Laboratory

Interior of Chemical Production Facility
Built PAD technical applications laboratory, expanding product development and quality assurance capabilities.
January 1

Fused Calcium Stearate

Expanded fused calcium stearate capacity in Fort Worth.
January 1

Acquired Bridgeport and Newport Facilities

Acquired Bridgeport and Newport facilities to diversify product portfolio and add polymer modifiers capabilities.
January 1

Acquired Fort Worth and Cleveland Facilities

Purchased Fort Worth and Cleveland facilities to expand into the lubricants market.
January 1

Tank Farms and High Pressure Units

Tanks at Walton Hills Facility
Added liquid tank farm, Fine Organics tank farm and high pressure units at Walton Hills facility.
January 1

ESO and Fine Organics

Added Epoxidized Soybean Oil (“ESO”) and Fine Organics capabilities at Walton Hills facility.
January 1

Polymer Additives

Added polymer additives capabilities at Walton Hills facility.