What is Valtris Specialty Chemicals and its structure?

Valtris is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals used to improve the performance of articles and materials used in a diverse set of markets including building & construction, transportation, consumer goods and industrial goods. Valtris was formed in December 2014 via the acquisition of Ferro Corporation’s Polymer Additives business by H.I.G. Capital.

How many employees does Valtris have?

Valtris employs around 700 employees worldwide.

In Valtris’ portfolio Biocides feature prominently, how secure is its position versus legislation?

Valtris has been a market leader in the supply of biocides to the polymer industries for nearly 40 years. We work to ensure that our INTERCIDE™ and MICRO-CHEK® products have a sustainable future and meet the requirements of European Biocidal Products Regulation, EPA’s FIFRA regulations and other relevant global regulations.

Valtris only works with approved and notified ingredients and works very closely with customers to ensure that we offer products that meet all known upcoming legislative requirements. Valtris maintains many national and local registrations for the INTERCIDE™ and MICRO-CHEK® product range throughout Europe, North America, and other parts of the world.

We offer EPA registered products based on OIT and DCOIT to help with the transition away from traditional active ingredients like OBPA.

Valtris maintains in-house facilities for efficacy testing and can support its customers through our well-placed sales and distribution teams. For additional information, please see the Biocides section of this website.

Where does Valtris operate?

Valtris is a global company with manufacturing operations in the UK, USA, Belgium, France, Netherlands and India.  It has distribution channels throughout the world, serving more than 100 countries worldwide.

How does Valtris work within chemical regulatory frameworks?

Valtris maintains a team of regulatory professionals with strong knowledge of REACH, BPR, EPA, TSCA and other chemical regulations in the regions in which we operate.

Valtris operates as an ISO 14001 compliant company, and offers products that meet NSF, FDA and Kosher requirements.