Synpro® metallic stearates and Petrac waxes and fatty acids provide water repellency, ink dispersion and surface gloss control.

Verdanol™ product range are new high performance bio-based UV-cure coatings for use as flooring topcoats, can-coatings, wood coatings and other UV-cure applications.

Santicizer® specialty plasticizers lower the fusion temperature and initial viscosity to coating formulations. Our Santicizer® Platinum series offer the same benefits as our Santicizer® benzyl phthalate products in a non-phthalate chemistry.

Micro-Chek® and Intercide® heavy metal-free antimicrobial agents for dry film preservation of coatings with environmental exposure from undesirable growth of mold, fungi and mildew.

UV-Chek® light stabilizers are used to protect coatings from the destructive and discoloring effects of sunlight.